Pricing Resources

Here below an important guide that I've found on web about pricing a work.
Thanks to Laura Wood for her work and her beautiful works.
If you want, visit her site and enjoy it!

Main things to take in consideration when quoting:
-size of the job
-size of the client
-complexity of the job
-use of the artwork
-geographic regions it will be used
-amount of time it will be used

Also, these are general prices based on my own experience and general industry standard.

However, please be aware every artwork should be priced on a job to job basis.
Prices are in Australian dollars.

Picture books

from $4000 to $5000 advance plus 3-5% royalties.

NOTE: Royalties should be calculated on the retail price (the price of the book on the shelves).

If calculated on Net receipts then it should be higher, about 12-15%

Editorial illustrations

Spot $250 - 350
Quarter page $300 - 350
Half page $400 - 700
Full page $600 - 900
Double page $800 - 1000
Cover $1300 - 1500